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"I have had a great working relationship with Anna for many years. No question I have ever posed about my web pages has gone unanswered. She has supported me through various stages of my businesses and I rely on her expertise to keep my site fresh and in great working order. She is current in her pursuit of the perfect design elements for my needs."

- Grace Foxwell Murdock, Professional Grace | The Kindness Bracelet

"We appreciate everything you have done for us, and your outstanding photos and well-planned layout for our website has brought us new business...I just got several more compliments on the photography and design of our website."

- Winslow "Jay" Parker, Somerset House Bed & Breakfast

"You've been critical in my success...and I still get compliments on the logo at every show! Best. Logo. Ever."

- Pete Bozick, The LARKS!

"Out of the blue someone from a much larger Chapter in our IFMA Family literally said they “loved” our web site and asked how we made it that way. They said that theirs pales by comparison! Of course we gave them the whole history of teaming up with you and how that really caused our site to make a giant leap up to looking more “alive” and professional. It's rare that a larger Chapter would single out a smaller Chapter for something they've done and what they praised us for is really a great reflection on you as our web site partner!"

- Mark Mankin, Communications Chair, The Delaware Chapter of IFMA

"Anna is a talented artist and brings her high level of creativity to each web site she designs. Her talent and vision for what the client wants and expects will serve you well should you engage her services."

- Benjamin Alder, Owner, Petite Fleur

"I was impressed with your work before, but this just about knocked me off my chair. The business card looks fantastic! I opened the file for the backside first and I'm not sure what I expected to see, but it wasn't what I saw. I was just amazed. If other people are as impressed by how great you made the stained glass look as I am, I may be very busy. By all means keep going. I can't wait to see the rest of the work!"

- M. Hope Kirk-Thornton, Owner, Splendor in the Glass

"You have blown me away - kept my original idea and pulled it all together. I showed it to a friend, she has a daughter that rides...'My daughter will be drawn to the color and whimsy, if she were to ask me to come look and okay a purchase, I would find the site very professional, and feel comfortable placing an order.. Not an “E-bay” store, that's for sure!'...Gotta love that!"

- Jill Myslinski, Owner, Dandi Browbands

"Please consider using Anna Hoge with Image ICU. She is one of the best web designers on the shore and is reasonably priced. I have referred several clients in her direction and all have been extremely pleased."

- Thomas P. Webb, Director of Student Support Services, Chesapeake College

"Thank you! It's beautiful! And thank you for your contribution. As a new (and poor!) non-profit, we certainly could've never afforded such a beautiful website."

- Pamela Kuster, The Mid-Atlantic Therapeutic Riding Association

"I had my first Gold Partner sign up on line and use a credit card through PayPal. The total process worked FANTASTICLY!!!! I received one e-mail from our site and another receipt from PayPal. It is very impressive! I just love it. I feel we have demonstrated the true value of this new service to our members and guests."

- Bruce Finnicum, Treasurer, The Delaware Chapter of IFMA

"I can't tell you enough just how much I love the design for the site. I was blown away by how classy it is, and how much it looks just EXACTLY like I would want it to. I really appreciate what you're doing for us, and please accept my sincerest compliments on the design. It's absolutely perfect."

- Chris Demone, Dash Eight

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